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A Forsaken Garden

Visited June 24th, 2016

Leaving Jokkmokk on Friday afternoon we drove four hours northeast to reach Karesuando, the northern-most church village in Sweden. It is located on the Muonio River which runs 324 miles (522 kilometers) long forming a natural border between northern Finland and Sweden. Our destination in Sweden shares it's namesake with the Finnish Continue reading the story "LAESTADIUS BOTANIC GARDEN"

Ajtte Museum

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Visited June 23rd, 2016

Thursday afternoon we arrived in Jokkmokk, the capital of Sami culture and one of Swedish Lapland's oldest settlement. Our overnight stay was at the Hotel Jokkmokk, which overlooked Lake Talvastisjön. Near the shores of the eastern end of the lake was the Alpine Mountain Garden that we would visit the next Continue reading the story "Ajtte Museum"


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Jokkmokk and the Mountain Botanical Garden

Visited June 23rd & 24th

The capital of Sami culture and one of Sweden's Lapland oldest settlements named Jokkmokk, is six miles (10km) north of the Arctic Circle. Heading northeast after leaving Hemavan early Thursday morning it was our next destination. After approximately five hours in road miles, we crossed the latitudinal line of the Arctic Continue reading the story "Jokkmokk"


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June 20th – July 2, 2016


It was on Monday that fellow traveler Lennie Kling and I flew from Norfolk, Virginia on the eastern Atlantic coast of the States into the harbor city of Trondheim, Norway, located in the west central part of Continue reading the story "Hemavan"

Travel Reflections of Stockholm

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Travel Reflections of Stockholm

Visited on June 12th & 13th 2014

Our group traveled by coach from the port city of Nynäshamn where the Gotland Ferry had docked to Sweden's capital, Stockholm, a “floating city” built on fourteen islands linked by fifty-four bridges. Looking out from the third floor window of the Ersta Terass restaurant on the southern island of Södermalm, Continue reading the story "Travel Reflections of Stockholm"

Tanto Hillside Allotment in Stockholm

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Tanto - A Hillside Allotment in Stockholm

Visited June 12, 2014 with the Lakeland Horticulture Society

The green spaces and public parks in Sweden that were established as early as the mid-1800's, are the foundation of the recreational spaces in the centers of towns and cities that are an important part of Sweden's heritage and culture. Parks can be landscape gardens in which play, sport and recreation Continue reading the story "Tanto Hillside Allotment in Stockholm"

Wallier’s Garden in Tofta

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A Garden Carved Out of the Pine Forests Of Tofta

Visited on June 11, 2014 with the Lakeland Horticulture Society

On this trip I observed that 'retirement' and 'empty nest' can become an opportunity for part-time gardeners to expand and become full-time gardeners. While visiting a private garden in the small village of Tofta (where pine forests dominate the land), our group was introduced to Gun Wallier Continue reading the story "Wallier’s Garden in Tofta"

Private Garden of Haase and Wahlström

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Visited June 11th, 2014 with the Lakeland Horticulture Society

Leaving our beach cabin Wednesday morning in Tofton we traveled south to the eastern side of Gotland Island to the small parish of Lau to visit the garden of Stefan Haase and Helen Wahlström. They had bought an eighteenth century era farmstead in 1987. It took them three years to Continue reading the story "Private Garden of Haase and Wahlström"


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Digerhuvud Nature Reserve on the Island of Fårö

Visited June 10th, 2104 with the Lakeland Horticulture Society

Our afternoon destination was to Sweden’s largest collection of limestone sea stacks at Digerhuvud Nature Reserve on the northern island of Fårö. The bedrock is covered with sharp chips of eroded limestone making vegetation very sparse.

The Continue reading the story "DIGERHUVUD NATURE RESERVE"

Kallgatburg Nature Reserve

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In Pursuit of the Wild Lady's Slipper Orchid

Visited June 10th, 2014 with the Lakeland Horticulture Society

The Kallgatburg nature reserve is unique as its location straddles two different forms of bedrock; pure limestone that drains off quickly creating dry land and marlstone which is a lime rich mud that contains clay and silt that creates marshy areas. Often different flora can be Continue reading the story "Kallgatburg Nature Reserve"